A Leading Developer of BI Products and Performance Management Solutions.

Our Vision

Our goal is to anchor business intelligence and performance management as one of the decisive core elements in the business models of all companies and establish them as the driving force for improvements and innovations.

We are convinced that the solution-oriented, secure and responsible preparation and analysis of data and information is now the non-negotiable core competence of digital change – and will remain so in the future. Also because the ability to interrelate and systematically analyse data represents the unifying factor of every economic activity – despite all the differences existing between companies and markets. This is for us an irrefutable fact.

However, since nothing is more constant than change, it is a matter close to our hearts to demonstrate to all the employees of a company the various possibilities of business intelligence and performance management and make them individually accessible. After all, this ability as well as the associated opportunities do not belong only in the hands of a few experts, but rather have to be available in an adequate form to everybody in a company. We are convinced of this.

As one of the pioneers in business intelligence in the German-speaking world, it is therefore our intention – together with our partners – to continue to play an active role in the practical designing of the data and information processes of the future – including on an international basis.

Our self-image

Our success is based on the application, ideas and commitment of our employees.

We support our customers in designing their decision-making processes faster, on a more factual basis and more efficiently.

Our first-class software and service portfolio ensures our economic success and our future.

On this basis and by continuous innovation in all departments, as a German company we strive for technology leadership and presence on the international stage. Our economic activity is at all times characterised by fair business, trust, open communication and personal relationships between employees, partners and customers at eye-level – the Cubeware Ecosystem.

Our Mission

We help companies and their employees to gain a detailed understanding of business processes and make them future-proof.

On the basis of company data, our software and service portfolio creates transparency with regard to the key indicators of business development and from this derives knowledge that is relevant to the work in hand. This enables all the employees in a company to quickly make informed, fact-based decisions.

Over 4,000 customers worldwide already put their trust in us. Across all sectors. Across all specialist divisions. For more than two decades.

What makes our solutions stand out

The hallmarks of our solutions are their economic benefits for the user company, their transparency and predictability in the sense of investment reliability and their value-creating contribution to the income statement.

As we understand it, a successful solution features three key aspects: software (or technology), services (or specialist, sector & subject expertise) and licence & price models (or business benchmarks).

Pithily put in a nutshell by the “Cubeware formula”, this means:
Software + Service + Licence & Price Model = successful solution!


We offer an integrated, intuitively usable software platform to suit your application. It not only encompasses individual aspects of fact-based decision-making processes, but also holistically adresses them. Ranging from data management and data modelling through to analysis, planning and company-wide reporting, the platform provides solutions to the information requirements of modern companies. It integrates all internal and external stakeholders according to their tasks and roles.


We and our certified partners form an active ecosystem, which possesses specialist, sector and subject experts from virtually all departments. As a result of this, our service portfolio ranges from implementation and training through to project management and support in production operation. The whole of our consultancy service takes place at eye-level and provides new though-provoking impulses for information and decision-making processes.


We offer a flexible and scalable licence and price model that is elastically adaptable to the circumstances of individual companies. This allows companies to act as cost-sensitively as possible at any time – irrespective of organisational structures and business models.

Company profile

Founded in 1997, Cubeware GmbH is headquartered in Munich, Germany, and has two additional offices. It is a leading provider of BI software focusing on solutions for SMEs and specialist departments in large companies.

The Cubeware Solutions Platform C8 consists of a powerful ETL and data modelling tool, a tool for complex user management and a modern front end for analysing, visualising, planning and reporting. The portfolio is rounded off by a native BI app for iOS and Android, and a certified interface to SAP.

All the products are easy to use, can be rapidly implemented, are highly scalable and can be customised to virtually any application. The functions are exactly executed in Windows, on the web and on mobile devices.
Cubeware can be seamlessly integrated into platforms from Infor, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and SAP. Over 4,000 customers rely on Cubeware’s BI expertise and its international partner network.


Globally active network of certified Cubeware Premium Partners and Certified Partners.
It also maintains technology partnerships with Microsoft, Infor, IBM, Oracle and SAP. 


Business intelligence solutions for SMEs and specialist departments (finance, sales, production, purchasing, subsidiaries, …), sector-independent and building on a wide range of source systems (such as SAP, Dynamics NAV and AX), in some cases with standard templates. Analysis, planning, reporting, dashboarding.

Core Features
  • Systematically developed technology
  • Requirements-based functionality
  • Short implementation times
  • Professional service 
  • Comprehensive training 
  • Reliable support
Cubeware Range of Products
  • C8 Cockpit, C8 Cockpit Consumer, C8 Mobile, C8 Snack, C8 Server, C8 Importer. Cubeware products have SAP Certified integration for SAP NetWeaver certification.
  • Databases
  • IBM Award „most successful solutions provider, ISV“ (2018)
  • BigData Insider TOP 15 (2014)
  • BARC Best Practice Award Business Intelligence (2014)
  • Business Intelligence Award (2006)
  • First Rosenheim Business Award (2004/2005)
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