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Cubeware Release 9.4

Cubeware customers meeting, october 30th, Munich: Cubeware Solutions Platform Release 9.4 published

At this year's Cubeware Customer Meeting in Munich, the time had come.  In addition to innovative applications for the use of artificial intelligence developed by Cubeware C-Lab with partners Star Coopreration and IBM, the current release 9.4 for the Cubeware Solutions Platform was published and presented. The release 9.4 contains a variety of detail improvements that increase stability and flexibility, especially for users who work with the CW1/TM1 databases.

Innovations overview

Discover how the Cubeware Solutions Platform Release 9.4 helps you easily create appealing applications.

Cockpit 10

The newly designed web-based frontend for the Cubewae Solutions Platform was introduced in summer 2019. With release 9.4 of the Cubeware Solutions Platform, useful features were added and several improvements were made.

Ad Hoc Calculations

Summaries of selected columns or cells are displayed in the status bar.

Status display

Current information about the status of the frontend or current actions are displayed in a bar at the bottom of the frontend for a quick overview.

Cell-related information

Important cell-related information, such as the data coordinates, can be looked up via the context menu and help, for example, when referencing a certain value (e.g. when using MDX).


With this function, entire reports can be imported or exported. This enables the users to quickly and easily move or distribute reports between different reporting environments.

One Page Export

The new One Page Export for Cockpit 10 offers a WYSIWYG export functionality for reports. This allows reports created in Cubeware Cockpit 10 to be converted into a PDF as they are displayed on the screen, for example to easily distribute an ad hoc report that has just been created.

Cubeware Mobile

With the current release, feature parity between the Cubeware Mobile apps has been achieved. This ensures that the same range of functionalities is available regardless of whether a smartphone uses iOS or Android as its operating system.

The adaptations include, among other things:

  • Master passwords
  • Offline reporting
  • Snack mode
  • Report attachments
  • App settings
  • Full screen mode

Cubeware Importer

With release 9.4, Cubeware Importer has experienced extensive enhancements, especially with regard to applications based on CW1 or TM1 databases. The REST API driver for CW1/TM1 has been revised and functionally extended. Among other things, multiple parallel hierarchies and MDX are now fully supported. In addition, IBM's Turbo Integrator has been integrated into the Cubeware Importer, the Migration Wizards have been greatly enhanced and a new driver for Infor 12 has been provided.

TM1 REST Driver for CW1/TM1

By providing the new TM1 Rest Driver (TM1R), Cubeware ensures that users of the Cubeware Solutions Platform with CW1/TM1 databases can fully benefit from the latest developments. All new developments by IBM are based exclusively on IBM Planning Analytics 2.0 (TM1 11) and its REST API, which can be addressed with the TM1R driver of the Cubeware Importer.

The existing driver for older TM1 versions still can be used, but does not offer the full range of functions, such as the use of multiple parallel hierarchies or MDX.

Multiple parallel hierarchies

With multiple parallel hierarchies, several hierarchies can now be used in dimensions based on CW1/TM1. This is supported on the database side from IBM Planning Analytics 2.0 (TM1 11)/CW1 and on the Cubeware Importer side with the new TM1R REST driver from release 9.4.

Cubeware users are thus functionally at eye level with IBM itself and benefit from all the other advantages of the Cubeware Solutions Platform. 

MDX for CW1/TM1

Full use of MDX containers and MDX dataviews in Cubeware Solutions Platform applications based on CW1/TM1 databases is possible with the introduction of the TM1R driver for the Cubeware Importer. In addition to these applications, the use of MDX also allows easy transport of data from CW1/TM1 to other locations.

Integration IBM Turbo Integrator

While it was already possible to control Turbo Integrator (TI) functionalities from Cubeware Importer, the integration of TI into Cubeware Importer made it possible to use these functionalities for Cubeware Importer internal functions. The Cubeware Importer with Release 9.4 has been extended by the extremely high-performance TI functionalities while retaining its suitability for business users.

Migration Wizards

With the extensive extensions of the Migration Wizards for the Cubeware Importer, especially the migration of applications from older versions of the TM1 databases to CW1/TM1 databases of the current generation as well as from and to Infor environments is massively simplified.

Infor 12 Driver

The new driver for Infor 12 supports multiple parallel hierarchies in Infor environments.

Cubeware Cockpit & TM1/CW1

All innovations that were implemented in Release 9.4 of the Cubeware Solutions Platform, for example in the Cubeware Importer, and which already enable improvements and simplifications in the handling of the software, also have significant effects on the way users can work with the respective frontend. It is of secondary importance which frontend is used (Cockpit, Cockpit 10, Mobile App, Snack). All frontends and applications benefit from the new features.

"Hierarchies as Dimensions"

The representation of several hierarchies in one dimension allows a more flexible and easier creation of reports without having to work on the background data model.

MDX for CW1/TM1

The full support of MDX allows the use of MDX containers and MDX dataviews. This enhances the content design options of reports.



Report generation

Reports can be made more flexible and dynamic through the use of MDX. Both, business users who create reports and users who consume reports benefit from this.

Accessibility CW1/TM1

Users who already have MDX knowledge will find easier access to CW1/TM1 based applications and reports.

Consolidated cells

Simple but effective: Consolidated data cells, as well as consolidated column and row headers, can be displayed in bold and are therefore faster and easier to recognize.


Prerequisite for the use of Cubeware Solutions Platform Release 9.4 is the use of Release 9.3.

Please check the release notes in the customer portal.

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