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  1. The number of queries searched on Google is 63,000 every second. With this much of big data in their data storage and warehouse and Google makes the most out of it, mainly for business improvement and targeted ads. To learn more about big data:
  2. Check out our Spotify Wrapped 2022! Data analytics is all around us. From ordering food online or watching Netflix to playing football or even booking a flight, we deal with data analytics on the daily. Get your dose today:
  3. Check out this video — the fifth and final part in our football series — to see how data anaytics is used to scout for fresh talent in the football industry! To learn more about data analytics, please visit:
  4. Artists can stay ahead of the curve by getting a sneak peek into which genres, lyrics, and themes are more current and trendy among listeners with the help of data analytics solutions. To learn more about data analytics please visit:
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