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  1. Transatlantic telegraph cables refer to underwater telegraph cables crossing the Atlantic Ocean. The first telegraph line to do so successfully was completed on 5th August 1858, after multiple failed attempts.
  2. Data or information gathered through dating app are used to determine the candidates you see, as well as the advertisements you’re shown. This method of gathering data are also known as data analytics. #datingapps#dataanalytics#businessintelligence#cubeware
  3. Machines are trained to identify animals and sort them in certain categories based on their physical traits. If there are any wrong classifications, additional training datasets are fed to the machine to update their “brain” — or in other words, their neural networks. #BItools
  4. With data analytics and the emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT), farmers can now address issues related to livestock rapidly and efficiently. Data from these sensors can include body temperature, pH levels, lactation cycles, physical movement, gut health, and more.
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