Main release: Cubeware Solutions Platform C8

ROSENHEIM, GERMANY. 12 December 2014 – Cubeware GmbH, a leading vendor for innovative Business Intelligence (BI) solutions today announced that it will launch its new main release Cubeware Solutions Platform C8 (CSP C8) on 19 December 2014. This release will supersede all previous Cubeware portfolio components, bundling and synchronizing them in a complete BI architecture. This provides companies an integrated, scalable, easy-to-use BI platform that addresses the complete spectrum of modern BI requirements across all industries.

“Synchronizing our portfolio is our response to the growing fragmentation of BI requirements,” explains Wolfgang Seybold, CEO von Cubeware. “Many midsize companies and even large corporations have more questions than answers when it comes to topics such as mobile BI, cloud BI, self-service BI or big data analytics. They want to know how they can support all these requirements sustainably and, most importantly, what they have to change in their current BI solutions to do that. With C8 Server as the core of our BI platform, we have created a hub that supports all analytic and information processes while maximizing the availability of customized reports and analyses throughout the company. Since all CSP C8 components are integrated, scalable and easy to use, companies can lower the total cost of ownership (TCO) of their BI systems. No other solution on the BI market offers that today.”

Reducing complexity
“BI projects are evolutionary,” continues Thomas Martens, VP Product Marketing at Cubeware. “Companies may just want a custom solution for financial controlling today. Tomorrow it’s sales, then marketing, and soon a full-fledged enterprise rollout is underway. Many companies try to support the unique needs of different departments and users by purchasing a myriad of specialized tools that are later difficult to integrate and administer. The better approach is to deploy a BI architecture that can grow flexibly, support many different types of applications, and establish common structures for various processes. With CSP C8, we have created the technical framework to support smooth information and analysis cycles.”

Companies can use CSP C8 to operate their analytic applications from start to finish – from data management and modelling to governance, distribution and visualization. Due to the common framework, users can easily connect applications, link reports, share analytic findings – and eliminate information silos for good.

Since CSP C8 is app-able, companies can deploy specialized BI applications for individual user groups to provide the information that they need when and how they need it.
As a single platform, CSP C8 supports the unique BI requirements of:

  • Executives
  • Business analysts and power users
  • Occasional business users
  • IT
  • Planning contributors
  • Report consumers
  • Report designers

Core components of CSP C8
At the heart of the new platform is the newly developed, 64-bit C8 Server with multithreading and multi-instancing capabilities. All front ends and data management tools log on to C8 Server directly. Companies receive a powerful tool that drastically reduces administration and application management tasks, simplifies end-user  access to BI applications, and facilitates the deployment of reporting and planning environments. “With C8 Server, companies can create a reliable foundation of data to ensure that their employees receive the information they need to successfully complete their day-to-day tasks on all levels of the information acquisition process,” explains Martens.

C8 Importer simplifies the processes of extracting data from various source systems, building data models without programming, and transferring  ready-to-analyze data cubes to the desired database model.
C8 CSP offers three different types of front ends: C8 Cockpit, C8 Cockpit Consumer and C8 Mobile.
C8 Cockpit fulfills the requirements of power users, business analysts and other regular BI users with a complete spectrum of self-service capabilities, rich design and layout options, sophisticated planning features, and various functions to automatically distribute ad hoc or scheduled reports.
C8 Cockpit Consumer offers a set of features targeted to information consumers. “Business users who have access to adequate amounts of targeted information can make day-to-day business decisions much faster,” describes Martens. “Most BI users are information consumers. The key is to give them fast access to relevant information without the software distracting them from their daily tasks. The consumer version of our C8 Cockpit front end closes this gap.”
C8 Mobile is designed to support the tasks of information consumers on the go. Users can instantly access any report on their mobile devices without the need to rebuild the report first. Using write-back features, for example, they can also make changes to budget drafts  which other users can access immediately.

C8 Server is available in three editions: Standard, Professional and Enterprise. A separate development system and productive system, a named license for C8 Cockpit and C8 Mobile, the modules SQL DataView, Web Access, Multiview Dashboards and MDX Data View as well as database connectors for Microsoft Analysis Services and Infor ION BI are included ex works in all editions.

Start-up editions
In addition to the Standard, Professional and Enterprise editions, companies can also choose from two low-cost entry editions. These start-up editions are designed for building sustainable, automated report structures and multidimensional planning applications to support smaller groups of users.
For more information about Cubeware Solutions Platform C8 and a complete list of features, please read here.

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