Cubeware Mobile App – anywhere & anytime

  • Cubeware BI apps for iOS and Android allow planning and write-back options from mobile devices
  • Easy access to cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive etc. for storing and synchronising data

Rosenheim, 3 December 2012. Cubeware GmbH offers mobile reporting and analysis “anything – anytime – anywhere – anybody” with its BI apps for mobile devices. With identical functions for iOS and Android, Cubeware’s Mobile App 1.1 allows consistently intuitive navigation in dashboards and reports that only need to be created once for all worlds – Windows, web and mobile – using the reporting, analysis and planning software Cubeware Cockpit V6pro. This makes it possible to also provide all information in its original form without system interruption at any time on mobile devices. This opens up whole new possibilities for visualisation and presentation on the likes of iPad etc. The special advantage is that the Cubeware BI app allows planning and write-back from mobile devices to all types of database. Furthermore, data can be distributed via splashing in accordance with predefined planning algorithms. In addition, mobile users can access cloud services for data storage and synchronisation, currently available on Dropbox and shortly on Google Drive and Sky Drive.

“From the very outset, Cubeware systematically followed the strategy of giving its users the technical means to be able to build reports and dashboards in such a way that they work under Windows and on the web in the same form and without system interruption. With Mobile App this now applies in exactly the same way for the mobile area. Once it is created, the same report will work on all current platforms as well as on any that might be used in the future, regardless of web, Windows or mobile,” explains Florian Fasshauer, Head of Product Development at Cubeware. Because intelligent use can be made of visual effects in the design of reporting environments, they can be optimally published and accessed in each of the worlds. All the definitions and algorithms required for this have been appropriately defined in the report designer.

Write-back capability, splashing and more

A crucial stand-out feature of the Cubeware BI app is its ability to write back to all types of OLAP database, including relational databases. At the same time, it is possible to distribute data using splashing based on planning algorithms that can be freely predefined, for example ‘as in the previous quarter’, ‘as in the previous year’ or in accordance with departmental keys.

Mobile App 1.1 also supports the easy use of cloud services, as Christian Deckert, Mobile Product Developer at Cubeware, explains: “Using Dropbox and shortly also Google Drive and Sky Drive, users can be given access to their data pool via their devices; versioning is also possible, as is the sharing of specific folders with other users or the distribution of very large documents via shared links in e-mails instead of sending them as an attachment.”

Basically , the use of mobile devices like the iPad offer new opportunities for visualisation. For example, presentations no longer have to be held statically in one location, as speakers can instead interact dynamically with users in the applications and also use the tap indicator (laser pointer) to point out what is happening on the projector. The new marker and note functions allow relevant aspects to be highlighted with a kind of text marker and then distributed immediately with the reporting context included.



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