Cubeware Cockpit CW1/TM1 with MDX - what's new in release 9.4

by Martin Lehofer, Cubeware Partnermarketing

Cubeware's Hidden Champions

These hidden champions do not only exist in the general economy but also among the software manufacturers. Cubeware also has such hidden champions. One of them is the recently discussed Cubeware Importer, another the database CW1 powered by IBM, outside the Cubeware universe also known as Planning Analytics 2.0 or with the old common name TM1. CW1/TM1 has earned an outstanding reputation specifically for planning applications since its first versions developed by Manny Perez in the early 1980s.

While other database manufacturers have become much more widespread, a loyal TM1 customer and supporter base has developed in the planning niche. Cubeware startetd working with TM1 very early in its more than 20 years of history and has realized exciting planning applications over the years. Since some time Cubeware offers this database as CW1 powered by IBM. One of the undeniable advantages of CW1/TM1 is the possibility to write directly back into the multidimensional cubes - without the detour via relational tables. Of course, there are also reasons why other manufacturers have found more widespread use than CW1/TM1. These functional deficits were eliminated as shown on the customer day and in the recently held webinars.

Multiple Parallel Hierarchies and MDX

With release 9.4 of the Cubeware Solutions Platform and the new driver TM1R for the REST API of CW1/TM1, multiple parallel hierarchies and especially MDX in Cubeware Cockpit can now be fully implemented. In addition to the effects on data modeling, this also changes the way Cubeware Cockpit applications based on CW1/TM1 are developed and provides business users with significantly enhanced design options.

Robert Aufreiter impressively demonstrated this in the webinar on 28 November 2019. This webinar can be accessed at any time via the Cubeware media library. The new release is particularly impressive because it allows the full use of MDX in Cubeware Cockpit, which means that working with MDX containers and data views is also possible. This means that the implementation of dynamic reports has been considerably simplified and can be implemented directly from Cubeware Cockpit. Cubeware users now have the same capabilities as users who purchased Planning Analytics directly from IBM, at an unbeatably low cost.

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It is not to be expected that the Hidden Champion TM1/CW1 will now become the mega seller that will wipe all other database systems from the market. But perhaps it does move one or the other to extend applications and to combine the database systems to hybrid architectures, in order to use the respective strengths in the best possible way to the advantage of the applications, the users and above all the information acquisition.

Who has to decide how for example a planning application should be designed has at least no excuse anymore not to seriously consider CW1/TM1.

The hidden champion comes - also with the help of Cubeware - at least a little out of cover.

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