Cubeware Cockpit - what's new in release 9.4

by Martin Lehofer, Cubeware Partnermarketing

First innovations in Cockpit 10 - further improvements in the classic Cockpit Client

In August 2019, the web-based Cockpit 10, the first product of a new generation of the Cubeware Solutions Platform, was released. From Cubeware's point of view, the browser-based Cockpit will be of outstanding importance in the future as the first and most important access point to decision-relevant information in the form of reporting, planning and analysis applications. The advantages speak for themselves: No installations, simple rollout, fast adaptability, a wide range of functions and much more make it attractive for platform administrators as well as for users to use Cockpit 10 in the browser window.
For the start in August Cockpit 10 took over the functional range of the former C8 Webcockpit and was equipped with a new user-friendly and optically appealing surface as well as a new framework. With the now released release 9.4 of the Cubeware Solutions Platform, the first further innovations such as the export of report definitions and the display of detailed information on report elements have been implemented. Details on the new features can be found here.

New Features Cross-Frontend

But not only Cockpit 10 has experienced innovations in the current release. Many changes refer to the classic client as well as to the web frontend. The new function "Show Hierarchies as Dimensions" in relation to CW1/TM1 applications should be mentioned here as an example. Other innovations that refer to the automatic report distribution are only available in the classic client due to technical necessity and sense. For example, extensions in the rights management of the automatic distribution.
Basically, the development of the two frontends is currently running in parallel, so that as many functionalities as possible can be used via each access point. Only purely administrative functions, which cannot be sensibly implemented via the web frontend, remain in the classic client only, which thus moves somewhat more towards a specialized interface for administrators, application developers and power users.

Democratization of information access & data-driven decision culture

As already the initial release of Cockpit 10 as well as the innovations converted with the release 9.4 both in the web-based Cockpit 10 and in the classical Client Cockpit of the Cubeware Solutions Platform move the democratization of the information access further and strengthened into the focus of the developments. The aim is to grant as many users as possible easy access to the Business Analytics applications so that they can find the optimal decision support and planning options according to their tasks. The goal is to optimize/potentiate the benefit of the applications in a way that supports the company to reach their goals and the data-driven decision culture.

You can find more information about release 9.4 on our website.

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