Cubeware Solutions Platform Extended with Advanced Analytics Module

Cubeware complements its product portfolio with integral advanced and predictive analytics functionalities based on the IBM software SPSS Modeler.

Kolbermoor, 28. May 2019: The German business intelligence and performance management specialist Cubeware has extended the Cubeware Solutions Platform to include the Cubeware Advance functional module based on the IBM SPSS Modeler software. The new module includes both, the graphical creation and execution of advanced and predictive analytics models, workflows and streams - integrated into the company's BI and PM platform. Execution can be GUI-based or remote, as required. This is rounded off with the seamlessly connected analysis, reporting, planning and visualization functionalities in the already well-known Cubeware frontends. Due to the proven user role concept, the modular structure and the flexible price and license model of the Cubeware Solutions Platform (CSP), all users benefit from Cubeware Advance according to their level of knowledge.

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The highlights of Cubeware Advance in combination with the CSP are:

  • Access to various data sources such as flat files, databases, data warehouses and Hadoop distributions to identify hidden patterns in data.
  • Quickly make predictive, resource-dependent, and strategic decisions at the point of impact.
  • Solve business problems from a single platform - from simple descriptive analysis to more complex challenges such as forecasting or optimization.
  • Quickly analyze large volumes of data and fully leverage existing IT investments - with in-database functionality and minimal data transfer.
  • Benefits of an open platform that can be deployed in most environments and combined with existing solutions to eliminate the gap between procurement, consolidation, analysis and the action to be taken.

Cubeware Advance addresses all the requirements of advanced and predictive analytics projects in the enterprise - from data scientists to business analysts to business experts. This is ensured by the proven role concept of the Cubeware Solutions Platform and its modular structure. This allows the implementation steps of an advanced analytics solution to be segmented according to the capabilities of the user. A data scientist and business analyst is free to choose the methods for creating models and can use both graphical and script-based options. The analyses, reports and dashboards present the results to the professional user. If required, parameterized calls of the data models are also available, including the ability to write back, which is crucial for planning models. This means that everyone involved benefits from Cubeware Advance in their daily work. The Cubeware Solutions Platform license and pricing model is designed to ensure that users are priced according to their role and not according to the one-size-fits-all approach. This enables Cubeware customers to act cost-sensitive in this area as well.

"Our mission is to provide accurate, data-based decision support for all employees of a company," continues Küssner. "For us, this is reflected not only in the technological nature of the CSP and our technical implementation strength, but also on the commercial side. Maintaining the proven elasticity and flexibility in our licensing and pricing model was therefore extremely important to us for Cubeware Advance as well.

"With the introduction of Cubeware Advance, we have succeeded in closing the gap between classic ETL processes based on historical data and future-oriented, predictive and learning models that make a new quality of information retrieval accessible to all users," concludes Küssner. "In addition to the new release 9.2 and the opening of our Cubeware Lab in Munich in April, Cubeware Advance is another important building block in our development of the tenth generation of the Cubeware Solutions Platform and beyond."

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