Cubeware Solutions Platform Release 9.4.2

by Martin Lehofer, Cubeware Partnermarketing

The latest version 9.4.2 of the Cubeware Solutions Platform was released on 12 March 2020 and made available to customers and partners. We would like to summarize here what has been done in the new release and what this means for users. As always, detailed information about the new features can be found in the current release notes - descriptions and examples in the proven online help.

Cubeware Importer

Importer Standard Variables

With the new release 9.4.2 of Cubeware Solutions, it is now possible to read out values for .imd files using simple commands as described in the release notes and online help. Among other things, the file name, IMD (file) path, application name, application version and file version can now be output very easily, making the Cubeware Importer much easier to use.

Additional new features in Cubeware Importer

TCL Script Library 8.6.9

TCL 8.6.9 is the latest version that was implemented in the Cubeware Solutions Platform. Users who use TCL scripts will find a wealth of new features that make the creation of TCL scripts much more dynamic. The highlights of the new TCL version can be found here.


With the current version, the need to "pack" scripts into jobs is eliminated. Scripts can now be used directly in Cubeware Importer. This has made working with scripts in Cubeware Importer even more dynamic, easier and clearer.

Last Day of month

 The current version provides the additional Cubeware Importer Job property "Last day of month". This means that you can now easily specify in the job settings that a specific Importer job should always run on the last day of a month.


Log files are encoded with the new version 9.4.2 of the Cubeware Solutions Platform in UTF8. This means that Cubeware now follows the quasi-standard and provides increased compatibility. This supports users especially when processing log files. 

Cubeware SAP-Connect

SAP extractors

In newer SAP systems, among other things, the so-called "Install & Run" authorizations were changed. As a result, the previous practice of installing extractors directly from Cubeware in SAP systems is no longer available. In Cubeware, the new release 9.4.2 provides the additional option of saving extractors as text files so that they can be imported into an SAP development system by an SAP administrator or other authorized person. This ensures that extractors can still be installed as easily and straightforwardly as possible according to SAP requirements.

RFC instead of CPI-C protocol

With the upcoming release of Version 9.5 of the Cubeware Solutions Platform, the CPI-C protocol, which has also been discontinued by SAP, will no longer be supported.

However, with the current release, it is already possible to convert all SAP connections from the CPI-C protocol to the newer RFC protocol. This is strongly recommended to all customers before upgrading to Release 9.5 of the Cubeware Solutions Platform.

Cubeware Connect

Attributes & element properties for SSAS & SAP BW drivers

with the addition of the "__MDX_MD" command, attributes and element properties for SSAS and SAP BW-based databases can be queried and output quickly and easily. The output results can be reused many times over and allow significantly increased effectiveness and efficiency in handling for users and designers.

Cubeware Cockpit

Änderung Standardnamen von Berichten

The restriction that the default name of reports could only be changed if the user was logged on in the default language has been removed. The default names of reports can now be changed independently of language settings. 

Office 365 Mail Server

Release 9.4.2 of the Cubeware Solutions Platform officially supports the Office 365 Mail Server. 


Especially in the export functionalities and the automatic report distribution some minor detail improvements could be implemented. You can find the details in the Release Notes (after logging on).

More details can be found in the Cubeware Portal in the corresponding Release Notes (including the Known Issues).

We recommend all customers to install the new versions.

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