Cubeware Mobile - what's new in release 9.4

by Martin Lehofer, Cubeware Partnermarketing

Wie sang Rainald Grebe weiland im Brandenburglied: „Nimm Dir was zu Essen mit wir fahren nach Brandenburg.“ Ähnlich schlecht wie um das kulinarische Angebot Brandenburgs ist es derzeit noch um das Mobilfunknetz außerhalb der Ballungszentren bestellt. So kennen viele Reisende, die in den letzten Jahren auf der Strecke Berlin-Hamburg im ICE saßen, wahrscheinlich die Situation, dass kurz nach Berlin beziehungsweise kurz vor Berlin im Brandenburgischen das Smartphone stumm bleibt, da es in einem nicht unerheblichen Bereich dort kein Mobilfunknetz gibt oder zumindest gab. Was bei einer Zugfahrt einfach nur nervig ist, kann sich in anderen Situationen zu einem veritablen Ärgernis auswachsen. Kein Netz – keine Mobile BI App, keine Mobile BI App – kein Berichte.
Gerade hat die Bundesregierung auf der Digitalklausur auf Schloss Meseberg in Brandenburg (Ob die dort Netz hatten?) zum wiederholten Mal beschlossen, für flächendeckendes 4G Mobilfunknetz zu sorgen und  neue Masten für eine rund Milliarde Euro aufzustellen.

Example Andorid

Cubeware Does it!

To what extent it is the task of a manufacturer of business intelligence and performance management software to take care of compensating for the lack of expansion of the mobile network remains to be seen. Cubeware has done it in any case and offers users the function to save reports locally in the Mobile BI App and thus make them available offline. The whole thing is even garnished with an adjustable expiration time so that the reports are not "outdated".
Since the release 9.4. was released, this function is now available to both iOS and Android users, since this release of the Cubeware Solutions Platform, the so-called Feature Parity between the Cubeware Mobile BI Apps based on the operating systems iOS and Android, was created.
Cubeware Release 9,4

Examples masterpassword in iOS & Android


Gatekeeper & Keymaster

However, the colleagues from the development department have not only thought of Brandenburg, but also of the little helpers, which are now available on both operating systems and make life a little easier for everyone. For example, the master password, a classic example of "Small Feature - Great Joy" - almost as if you were unexpectedly given chocolate. Once set, it's fun every time a password doesn't have to be entered without a bad conscience. Especially users with different applications within the mobile app will appreciate this.

Example iOS tablet with attachment

„And now for something completely different“

 (To say it with Monty Phyton.) - which will also lead to joy among users of the Cubeware Mobile App - Provide specific mobile reports! Not surprisingly, much-loved Excel wallpapers cannot be displayed elegantly on a smartphone or tablet. Martin Hüffer, who shared a first insight into this knowledge in the webinar of 14.11.2019, knows how Cubeware Mobile applications can be created to fit the screen size of smartphones and the needs of users. If you want to look this up please click here.

While I can report from my own experience that the culinary offer in Brandenburg has improved considerably, we will probably need offline reporting until the government masts have plugged the holes in the mobile network. Experience has shown that this will probably take quite some time. 

Please find further information about Cubeware Release 9.4 on our website.

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