Whitepaper SAP BW & Cubeware

Use Cubeware products as powerful front ends for SAP Business Warehouse.

SAP BW is used today in companies in various versions. In addition to this, the source situation is often unclear and this frequently leads to uncertainty among users as to which tool can be used with SAP BW and in which way.

In our view, this applies both to the tools provided by SAP in general and, in particular, to third-party tools such as Cubeware. Cubeware can use BAPI’s and the Cubeware Importer to read out and write back data from SAP BW using the well-known Cubeware SAP Connect.

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In addition, with the integration of the two drivers provided by SAP, OLE DB for OLAP (for SAP BW and SAP BW/4HANA) (query language MDX) and the relational ODBC driver (query language SQL), additional options are available as of Cubeware Release 9.1, also with Cubeware Cockpit and Cubeware Importer for reading and writing data directly from SAP BW.

This alone already enables Cubeware to position itself as an alternative provider of a complete, powerful frontend solution for SAP BW.

In conjunction with the other functionalities of the Cubeware Solutions Platform, this means for users that SAP BW can be fully integrated into possibly much larger, heterogeneous environments for Business Intelligence and Performance Management.

These options range from the enrichment of data from SAP BW in the course of data modelling to the design of attractive reporting and planning solutions.

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With Cubeware, SAP BW users have the security that no isolated data silos are created and that the information is made centrally available and validated in a "truth" in the company for support in decision-making. And the investments made in the data transfer from SAP/ERP and the structure of the SAP/BW structures can be fully reused.

Learn more about these aspects within the Whitepaper SAP BW & Cubeware:

  1. Problem definition and objective
  2. BW architectures & driver types
  3. Access with Cubeware products to SAP BW
  4. Special topics (hybrid database architectures, HANA, MDX, Performance, Licencing
  5. Conclusion

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