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Cubeware Importer

The Powerful ETL tool in the CSP

Data form the backbone for every business decisions.

However, if data are to be analysed in a meaningful way, they need to be prepared, enhanced, standardised and placed into relation with each other. Cubeware Importer puts your data into the form that you need in order to gain important insights even faster and more simply.

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Data Management Software in Perfection: Cubeware Importer

With the Cubeware Importer, you can model, extract, test and import your data and integrate a multitude of other applications into your BI processes - quickly, easily and reliably.

Extract, Verify, Import & Model Your Data

  • Proven reduction in the time needed to implement your data processes
  • Increased data quality in your BI processes
  • More than just ETL: management, modelling, integration & monitoring of all data precesses with a SINGLE tool
  • Visual mapping & scripting in combination or separate from each other
  • Custom licensing options for cost-sensitive deployment
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Benefit from genuine BI applications

More than just ETL: Cubeware Importer enables you to implement interactive BI applications across your entire information chain and to fully integrate additional applications with your BI processes.


Easily integrate other applications into your BI solution using CWScript – an open programming language in a Linux environment.

Functional extensions

Use customisable dynamic link libraries to make additional functions available in the BI process.

Open API

The open interface allows you to connect other data sources going beyond ODBC and OLE DB support.

Process & job control

Initiate ETL processes direct from the BI front end to map logical connections, dependencies and conditions exactly in your processes.

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Mapping & Scripting

Visual mappings or scripting? You decided which method you wish to use to develop, manage or extend your data models. Or you can simply combine both methods.

Visual mapping using drag & drop

You can provide an easy introduction to designing import processes and increase the speed of implementation through graphical design using drag & drop in visual mappings to transform source data into target databases without any programming.

Additive scripting

Design, extend and customise your mappings easily through the integration of Tcl script modules.


You can also satisfy increasing requirements in your data processes at any time through the power of the scripting language.

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Debugging & Error Handling

Cubeware Importer gives you optimum support in the data loading process with its comprehensive feature set for testing, debugging and optimising data processes and import jobs. You maintain access to all variables at all times and improve the quality of your data, for demonstrably reduced implementation times.


Try out new approaches in scripts, mappings and entire job definitions – with the secure feeling of a successive undo button.


Use customisable error messages and log files to create better data processes and import jobs even faster.


Make use of extensive logging including variable values and data record numbers to gain a rapid overview.

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Dedicated ETL tools are often limited to loading and transforming data into existing structures like tables, dimensions and cubes. Different tools are used to create the structures, resulting in fragmented processes during implementation. Errors occur, implementation becomes more complex and maintenance requires greater effort. Cubeware Importer provides both types of function.

All in one

Manage all your loading and modelling processes with ONE SINGLE tool, thanks to the integrated modelling function for all common OLAP technologies.


Take advantage of a data warehouse out of the box.

OLAP dimension modelling

Set up dynamic, data-driven modelling based on comprehensive rule definitions such as value-dependent branching, string processing, transformation through lookups etc.

Cubeware graphic - Cubeware Importer example image parameterization


The parametrisation option allows you to use Cubeware Importer to intervene at crucial points in process flows and to have a significant influence on their execution in order to shorten the time it takes for import jobs to complete – even when large data volumes are involved.

Use of variables

Discover the advantages of working with variables in your data processes.

Direct database connection

Use Importer for direct access to all your databases.

SQL support

Make flexible use of SQL statements in your ETL processes.

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