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Cubeware Mobile

The Mobile Front End in the CSP

Maintain your decision-making ability – at all times, in all places, and above all when you need it.

With Cubeware Mobile you get a BI app that does more than just show attractive reports - native to Android and iOS.
The perfect software for the mobile visualization of your data.

Discover your possibilities

Mobility is an essential aspect of Cubeware BI architecture. That's why our Mobile BI app isn't an add-on but firmly anchored in the Cubeware Solutions Platform; from the very beginning considered mobile deployment scenarios.

Extend easily your existing data and information processes with mobile BI applications and ensure that your employees always benefit from the latest information from the central BI System - without additional hardware and software requirements or your infrastructure.

Business intelligence anywhere, anytime & for anyone

  • Always have up-to-date, decision-relevant information at your finger tips
  • Seamless integration into existing reporting environments
  • Direct input options for data capture & planning
  • Online & offline capability
  • Consumer, viewer: two types of licence for custom-fit & cost-sensitive provision
  • Native apps for Android & iOS
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Analysis, Reporting & Planning

Use the full functionality of office-based BI applications when you’re on the move, too, via bi app. Analyse, interact and plan independently of your current location. Cubeware Mobile gives you a reliable view of all your KPIs and corporate developments at all times. Never again make a decision without knowing the latest relevant data and facts.

  • Analytical functions
    Interact with your data with a swipe and use familiar functions like filtering, sorting, transposing, roll-up, drill-down, expanding and collapsing. 
  • Planning functionality
    Actively trigger processes and generate new planning data using splashing methods and write-back functionality.
  • End-to-end mobile BI applications
    Develop genuine mobile BI applications with direct access to your databases and full ETL support.
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Once Set Up – Immediate & Universal Access

Install Cubeware Mobile, enter your credentials and take immediate advantage of mobile Business Intelligence. Every one of your analyses, every BI report, every dashboard that you have created or for which you have access rights can be released for mobile use within the bi app with a single click. Don’t waste resources on duplicate report development.

Cubeware graphic - Cubeware Mobile reporting in offline mode

Offline Access

Cubeware Mobile allows content to be saved for working when reception is not available. One swipe defines what information you need to be available within the bi app when you’re offline. Interactivity is maintained and you can really continue to work – and not just view an image.

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Work effectively in a team

Release your analyses, dashboards and reports to ensure you and your team share information with the same status. Use your data to tell a story that captivates your customers and colleagues and communicates new insights with effect.

  • Profile sharing
    Bring your teams up to speed fast while avoiding time-consuming profile administration and quickly roll out new user rights to your employees’ devices.
  • Versatile export options
    Use common means of distribution and export formats to deliver your information:
    e-mail, dropbox, directory, FTP, printer, Excel, CSV, PDF, HTML, XML, Word, PPT, CWD.
  • Presentation mode
    Highlight important points in your analyses and reports to draw attention to specific areas when presenting or working in distributed teams and to avoid ambiguity in coordination.

Native & Adaptive Layout

We believe that your business apps should be as simple and intuitive to use as you are accustomed to from your B2C apps. This is why we focus on native BI apps for iOS and Android. You interact with Cubeware Mobile using the familiar, native operating paradigm – point, touch, click, tap, hold, zoom etc., allowing you to fully exploit the ergonomic advantages of mobile devices for business intelligence. Thanks to Cubeware Mobile’s adaptive layout, it makes no difference as to what type of device you actually use.

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User Experience

Cubeware Mobile offers a number of useful features that make mobile working even easier, increase usability and make mobile BI an indispensable part of your information processes.

  • Customising
    Define your profile area the way you wish: pull your favourites onto the start screen, use your own pictures to increase recognition and select custom colours for background, font etc.
  • Focus
    Decide for yourself which elements of a report are really relevant and simply hide the rest without deleting any core information.
Cubeware graphik - Cubeware Mobile smartphone view secure login

Top Security

Cubeware Mobile implements the familiar security standards from the Cubeware Solutions Platform without compromise, i.e. we adapt completely to your IT infrastructure, your IT standards and security policies. Our multi-level security model will give you the confidence to roll out BI solutions across your entire company.

  • Windows authentication
  • LDAP support
  • SSL
  • VPN
  • Additive security options such as fingerprinting
  • Integration of mobile device management (MDM) systems like MobileIron

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Cubeware Mobile

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