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Cubeware Solutions Platform (CSP) C8

Because business intelligence is more than just attractive reports

Operating a BI system successfully depends on more than one factor.

This is why the Cubeware Solutions Platform (CSP) C8 covers the entire life cycle of a BI solution, integrating all the individual steps into a single BI system. And always gives you the right answers to your questions.

Discover your possibilities.

Manage successfully. Analyse successfully. Plan successfully.
Across all data. For all employees. Company-wide.

This is what business intelligence and performance management means with the Cubeware Solutions Platform (CSP) C8. Over 4,000 companies around the world rely on us.

One single platform for all your business intelligence & performance management challenges:

The Cubeware Solutions Platform (CSP) C8

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  • Access to all your BI & PM relevant data
  • Quality assured and proven data and information
  • The right information at the right time in the right hands
  • Optimum support for a data-driven corporate culture
Integrated: pull down information silos and establish corporate-wide applications

Put an end to countless standalone solutions and inconsistent figures. The Cubeware Solutions Platform allows you to create a uniform view on your customers, products and markets with interactive and responsive applications – from data management to meaningful visualisations, attractive reports and guided planning workflows. Have department-specific BI solutions that are tailor-made for the queries of your specialist departments and which are easy to use – from standardised BI reports to comprehensive BI self-service functions.

Scalable & affordable: start small, think big

Who knows exactly what tomorrow will bring? The Cubeware Solutions Platform allows you to respond flexibly to new challenges at all times. Work with a BI platform that you can expand, customise and optimise by yourself and which provides the framework for all BI processes in your company – with little maintenance and training effort, low total cost of ownership (TCO), fast implementation and the most flexible and fairest licensing model for small and medium-sized businesses on the market – including named and concurrent licences.

Easy to use: reduce complexity and create added value

Not every user is a BI expert. The Cubeware Solutions Platform provides the right front end for all types of user, saving your company money and making life easier for the IT department and expert users. Gain valid BI reports and analyses prepared according to your requirements and automated at precisely the right time and in the exact form you need to make quick and effective decisions. Or create your own ad hoc evaluations.

Cubeware graphic - Sample report of the Pantara Automobile

Data visualization & planning: Breathe life into your data & information

There are very different types of BI users in every company: business analysts, report designers, planners, simple information consumers and decision makers. Every user needs different BI functions in their daily work.

  • Supply all your employees out of a bi system with custom-fit BI functions
  • Create a data-driven corporate culture
  • Make your success reproducible
Cubeware graphic - Automatical report distribution in the data export

Data distribution: with a BI platform you Make sure information gets to where it's needed

You can only set up a sustainable information system if your data and information get to where they are needed for further analysis and decision-making. Distributing data therefore requires teamwork: including across decentralised structures using workflow concepts and commenting.

  • Choose the right means of distribution for the situation concerned from a wide range of options
  • Define specific intervals for information delivery or obtain the latest analyses at a simple press of a button
  • Put your analysis results and findings up for discussion with the members of your team simply & quickly
Cubeware graphic - Sample views from the BI Online Demo

Data Governance: Maintain control over the origin & use of your data

The more data there are in your company, the more important it becomes to keep control over them. For data protection reasons, but also to avoid drawing the wrong conclusions due to poor quality and obsolescence. You need a bi system with an appropriate user authorisation concept as well as suitable monitoring.

  • Ensure that your data pool is always up to date and of good quality
  • Establish reliable user authorisation concepts – across the company or specific to the application
  • Maintain a constant up-to-the minute overview of how your data and reporting structures are being used
Cubeware graphic - Data modelling for presentation of data

Data modelling: Make information refined from your data

If different data are to be turned into relevant information, they first need to be interrelated and put into a common context on a bi platform. It is only then that data can develop their added value. In order to achieve this, you first need data models that can be analysed.

  • Develop analysable data models quickly & simply
  • Easily define contextual relationships between your data
  • Maintain an integrated overview of your data in the BI system
Cubeware graphic - Data mapping and scripting with Cubeware - Extraktion-Transformation-Load

Data management: Connect your feeder systems with each other

Regardless of whether in digital or analogue form, data have always formed the backbone for business decisions. Data originate at various sources and in different formats. Data need to be merged and processed in a bi system if they are to be of use.

  • Bundle your different source systems simply & quickly
  • Pull down information silos
  • Ensure a high level of data consistency and quality

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