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Cubeware Server

The BI Server in the CSP

Business intelligence and performance management processes develop their full power when they enable a continuous 360-degree view of the entire business. And while meeting the needs of every specialist department for a customised solution.

This is precisely the reason why we developed Cubeware Server. It ensures that you always have full control over all your BI processes – from the administration of individual applications, the assignment of access rights and metadata handling to informative usage statistics.

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The server for Business Intelligence: Cubeware Server

With the Cubeware Server, you establish valid data, consistent and lived data and information processes throughout in your company.

The Heart of All Business Intelligence Processes

  • Central tool for the administration of all BI & PM processes
  • Guaranteed data governance, thanks to a granular & global authorisation model
  • Seamlessly scales to cover specialist & technical requirements
  • Seamlessly scalable for all analyses, reports, dashboards & planning masks
  • Four licensing options for custom-fit & cost-sensitive provision
Cubeware graphic - Cubeware Server licence overview standard, universal, professional, enterprise

Server Main Editions: Custom-fit Licensing

Irrespective of whether you are a novice BI user wishing to start with a specialist solution or to expand an established BI process, or planning a company-wide roll-out – the tried-and-tested Cubeware Server main editions give you precisely what you need at an unbeatable price.

Standard Edition

The perfect entry level to the world of business intelligence and performance management, allowing you to set up sustainable and integrated analysis, planning and reporting processes in your company from the word go – with an attractive pricing model in particular for smaller groups of users or prototype development.

Universal Edition

If you would like your BI application to grow or if you wish to incorporate additional specialist departments or users, the Universal Edition of Cubeware Server offers considerably more capacity with the familiar powerful functionality, and is therefore is ideal for mid-sized fields of application.

Professional Edition

If you are planning a company-wide roll-out and you wish all employees to benefit from your BI insights, then you are best advised to choose the Professional Edition. Moreover, you will receive connectors for Oracle Essbase and the certified Cubeware SAP Connect interface as well as a test environment and a standby instance – which of course all come free of charge.

Enterprise Edition

The comprehensive carefree package for the complete BI, PM and analytics range. Implement planning, reporting and analysis processes company-wide. Flexibly integrate several, different previous systems and databases from IBM, Infor, Microsoft, Oracle and SAP. Painlessly scale your solutions across the entire range of your specialist and technical requirements. Operate as many development, production, test and standby environments as necessary for your requirements – at no additional cost.

Cubeware graphic - Cubeware Server Connects for known databaes like Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, infor and SAP

Server Connects: The Right Database & Interface for Every BI Initiative

 We work according to the best-of-breed concept. For you, this means the following: to develop your BI server solution, we focus exclusively on your specific BI and PM requirements and recommend the database server that is best suited to your particular project – vendor-independent, future-proof & fit for the task. Of course including the necessary interfaces.

Excerpt to offered Connects

Read and write access in all client products (ETL, data management, front ends) – relational and multidimensional.

  • Microsoft Analysis Services
  • IBM TM1
  • Infor ION BI
  • Oracle Hyperion Essbase
  • SAP
  • MS Excel
  • TXT
  • CSV
  • OLE DB for OLAP
  • ODBC
  • MDX
Cubeware graphic - Cubeware Server with certified SAP interface

SAP Connect: Certified SAP Interface

 We are SAP-certified. With Cubeware Server SAP Connect you can consolidate your data from SAP and non-SAP systems easily and quickly using visual mappings and scripting.

  • Various types of access
    • SAP Open SQL (persistent & dynamic)
    • SAP BAPI/SAP DDIC (structures & metadata)
    • ETL Framework for SAP ERP
  • SAP on HANA database
  • Direct reporting on SAP ERP & SAP DWH
  • Collaboration in data management in SAP
  • Can also be used as OLE DB provider outside the CSP
Cubeware graphic - Cubeware Server modul for plan, export and maps

bi Server Modules: Extended Workflow Functions

 Cubeware Server offers you a number of useful functions as standard that make collaboration and the operation of your BI processes easier.

Planning module: Multidimensional writing
  • Organised processes, forecasting, simulation, scenarios, simple data capture
  • Workflow & data distribution (splashing)
  • Intuitive commenting functions
Export module: Automated report distribution
  • Can be iterated intelligently
  • Manual, time-controlled, event-driven
  • E-mail, directory, FTP, printer, …
  • Standard formats (Excel, PDF, HTML, XML, …)
Maps module: Data visualisation by means of shape files
  • Geographical analysis of business, market and demographic data
  • Maps for geographic reporting
  • Individual shapes (sales territories, workflows, production lines, …)
Cubeware graphic - Cubeware C8 Server backend editions standard and professional

bi Server Backend Editions: Central Solution for Data Management & Modelling

The Server Backend Editions offer scalable solutions to all those just wishing to deal with data management processes. Use the collaborative possibilities in data management and modelling.

Backend Standard Edition

Count on a central data pump for all your ETL processes. Rapidly develop analysable data models with up to 6 team members simultaneously.

  • Server functions
    Planning and maps module
  • Supported interfaces
    Read & write access to IBM TM1, ION BI, MS AS & relational
  • Instances provided
    Development & production environments
Backend Professional Edition

For all those wanting more in the area of data management and data modelling: You and your team of up to 12 can manage data extraction from your source systems and the creation of your multidimensional data models simultaneously.

  • Server functions
    Planning, auto export & maps module
  • Supported interfaces
    Read & write access to IBM TM1, ION BI, MS AS, Oracle Hyperion Essbase, SAP & relational
  • Instances provided
    Development, test & production environments
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