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Cubeware Snack

The World's First Enterprise-ready BI Bot

Access BI reports direct via messenger app on your smartphone or tablet.

With Cubeware Snack, the world’s first BI bot for enterprise-ready business intelligence and performance management, you can integrate all your company’s employees simply, inexpensively and actively into your reporting chain. Provide the broadest possible access to decision-relevant information. Regardless of time or place, online or offline – that's modern BI. Become a smart organisation.

Discover your possibilities

Cubeware Snack provides company-wide information from the central BI system ...

... and let all employees - from process executives up to the top management - benefit from high quality BI information in their daily work, profit from the leading BI-Chatbot technology.

Business intelligence has never been as simple & affordable

  • Simple
    access dynamic BI reports via messenger app in pull mode
  • Affordable
    no training required, no licensing compromise
  • Seamless
    access existing reporting environments immediately
  • Custom-fit
    customisable access to information
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Easily reach all user groups

Benefit from the “WhatsApp effect”. Cubeware Snack allows you to tie in user groups that previously had no time or opportunity to benefit from BI – whether because of cost or unsuitable target group profile. You can now supply everyone with dynamic BI reports via a messenger app direct to their devices.

  • Intuitive interaction – thanks to the familiar operating logic of messenger apps from the consumer field such as Whatsapp™, Line™, Threema™, Telegram™ etc.
  • Simple query logic – only two inputs required for the desired answer
  • Fast response times – thanks to the “always online” concept of smartphones
  • Custom-fit information – through predefined reporting logic
  • Inexpensive licensing model & low cost of acquisition
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Information provision has never been more affordable since everyone can chat. Count on a BI front end that needs absolutely no training, demands no licensing compromise and which can be implemented in 5 minutes.

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Top Security

Cubeware Snack has a multi-level, additive security concept that ensures that your data and information are protected against access by unauthorised third parties – even when your smartphone goes missing.

  • No use of external servers for user authentication
  • Explicit user authentication
  • Assignment of central and individual roles and user rights
  • End-to-end encrypted chat channels
  • Multiple security functions to protect messages (e.g. PIN assignment, encryption functions, automated delete options etc.)
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Full access: integration of relational and multi-dimensional databases & source systems.

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Cubeware Snack 

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