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Driver-based Business Planning


Systematic planning is the basis for all controlling and management activities in companies. However, instead of investing hundreds of person days in protracted detailed planning processes, you should rather, when planning, concentrate on your success drivers. Do away with lengthy planning and budgeting processes and the unnecessary attrition of resources. You can use the driver-based planning approach and the comprehensive planning functions of the Cubeware Solutions Platform to establish a flexible model of planning that responds dynamically to change when necessary, conserves your resources and always supplies up-to-date information on the plan vs. actual situation.


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  • No annoying obligation to complete excessively detailed sub-plans
  • No tedious attempts at explanations when actual data fail to match plan data
  • No inhibitions about dealing with cash flow and balance sheet views
  • Greater transparency about your strategic & operational goals
  • More time for achieving targets & increasing your business success
  • Greater flexibility in managing your company

Technically & Professionally Perfect Driver-Based Planning Solution

Every company generally has 10 to 15 success-related parameters that have a direct or indirect effect on their earnings, liquidity and financial situation. Reduce complexity and concentrate on your key drivers when planning. Use the Cubeware Solutions Platform and the driver-based planning experts from HENDRICKS, ROST & CIE. to implement a technically and professionally perfect, driver-based planning application in your company quickly and easily.

Concentrate on your success drivers

Distinguish between external drivers (e.g. raw material & energy prices), which have little chance – if any – of influencing, and internal drivers (e.g. project costs), which you can control in every detail. Plan your success drivers and simulate their effects on your operating results, your balance sheet and your liquidity. Gain a better understanding of interdependencies, opportunities and risks.

Automate your calculations

Derive the other items of your income statement, your cash flow and your balance sheet from the identified external and internal drivers and automate their calculation. Derive variable costs from sales, e.g. using the cost-of-sales method. Determine your fixed costs e.g as proportions. Automate the calculation of inventory changes on the balance sheet using payment dates, days of inventory or investment planning. Determine other items by systematically defining your accounting policy in the planning model.

Create & integrate your sub-plans

Your sub-plans are always an integral element of your planning process thanks to our central planning engine, and automatically have an effect on your financial statements. Use the modular sub-plans that we offer such as quantity- and price-based sales/revenue planning, personnel planning, investment planning and machine utilisation capacity planning.




Working together with the planning experts from HENDRICKS, ROST & CIE. and the Cubeware Solutions Platform, you are only six steps way from driver-based business planning. 

1. Proof of concept

Before each project we will hold a proof-of-concept meeting where we will use a predefined subset of your own data and structures to show you how quickly and easily it is to achieve initial results from a planning project using our driver based planning solution. Even before you commit to any investment.

2. Cause of change

When you have decided to implement a project with us: starting with your latest forecast, we work with you to list all the measures and planning assumptions or driver developments and consider the amount of their effects on important items in your income statement and balance sheet. This gives you a concrete representation of all the effects together with a plausible explanation of the plan. This will ultimately allow you to verify, adjust and modify your planning assumptions on an ongoing basis.

3. Horizontal integration

We then implement your planning model based on your success drivers and planning assumptions. The model is aligned with the drivers you can control and the target values that can be measured and includes all the essential elements of your earnings statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement.

4. Vertical integration

Working together with specialist department managers, we create the desired sub-plans and integrate them into the central model of planning in such a way that any adjustments to the details have a simultaneous effect on the higher-level indicators. In this process, we make use of a comprehensive set of modular templates that drastically reduce the length of the project.

5. Simulation

The underlying assumptions of your planning model are documented and assessed using corresponding simulations. At the same time, this reveals the influences of the assumptions – for both long- and medium-term scenarios as well as in operational planning scenarios.

6. Functions

Depending on your wishes, we will extend the planning model to include additional, suitable and individually configured system modules such as submission and commenting functions, final and interim results monitoring functions etc.

HENDRICKS, ROST & CIE. – The Experts for Driver-based Planning in the Cubeware Ecosystem

Our Certified Partner HENDRICKS, ROST & CIE. (HRCIE.) is a business consultancy with management and top management as its target group. HRCIE. has long-standing experience from numerous planning and reporting projects. Business competence and excellence in implementation guarantee the success of your project. HRCIE. will support you with concepts and solutions for improving your decision-making and optimising your business management. To this end, HRCIE. works with the very best technological products in the field of business intelligence and performance management from reputable vendors including IBM and Microsoft in addition to Cubeware. The conclusion of the project involves the qualification of the customer team to enable them to use and develop the implemented solution without additional assistance.

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