Business Intelligence & Performance Management Solution
Advanced Analytics with the Cubeware Solutions Platform

The extension of Business Performance Management with predictive analysis models.

The future is here!
Give your decision aids and recommendations for action significantly more relevance by automatically enriching them with prediction data based on intelligent algorithms.  Cubeware Advance adds advanced analytics functionality to the Cubeware Solutions Platform and assists you in bringing predictive decision support directly to where it is most effective - straight to all decision makers.

Advantages at a glance

Predictive analyses of the business user for all decision makers.

  • Tool for the independent creation of predictive analysis models
  • Development, testing, validation and distribution of analysis models
  • Support through pre-defined analysis modules and intelligent model validations
  • BPM process chain remains undisturbed
  • Seamless integration of predictive analyses in all other CSP applications
  • All users can parameterize and execute analysis models.
  • Predictive applications can also be anchored in the operative decision-makers' systems. 

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    all benefit

    All user groups optimally supplied.

    Cubeware Advance, as part of the Cubeware Solutions Platform, supports all user groups according to their tasks and needs. This ensures that each user receives support optimized for their needs. From the business analyst who develops the predictive analysis models to the operational decision maker who needs ad hoc support in their daily decisions on mobile device. All within the Cubeware Solutions Platform.

    Business analysts
    • Connection of various existing and new data sources to identify hidden patterns
    • Create analysis models independently on a graphical user interface using function modules to so-called "streams" - without scripting
    • Maintain a visual overview of the model at all times
    • Intelligent support for validation & model selection
    • Embedding in existing BPM applications without impairing processes
    • Broad range of applications: from simple descriptive analyses to complex challenges such as forecasts or optimizations
    Decision makers
    • Predictive analyses available seamlessly integrated into BPM applications
    • Always and everywhere at hand: in the client, on the Web, in the mobile BI app, in the BI bot
    • Analysis models can be easily customized and executed by any user at anytime and anyplace
    • Decision support where it can unfold its immediate effect - anytime and anyplace
    Professional users
    • Easy embedding into existing BPM applications
    • Making Advanced Analytics accessible to all decision makers
    • Combination with other analysis and reporting applications
    • Integration of the analysis results in planning scenarios

    Operationalization of Advanced Analytics

    Make predictive analyses available to all users.

    With the combination of Cubeware Advance and the Cubeware Solutions Platform, the advanced analytics applications created with it take the step being isolated solutions for a few specialists to enterprise-wide models that can be used and applied by all users according to their tasks. Thus Cubeware enables the operationalization of advanced analytics solutions, and achieves the business-critical benefit of such solutions for companies many times more directly and broadly, namely directly with all decision makers.

    technical integration

    The combination results in the maximized benefit.

    The combination of Cubeware Advance, Cubeware Importer and Cubeware Cockpit ensures that all BPM processes, starting with the connection of feeder systems, via data preprocessing & validation, as well as information distribution and governance, right up to the presentations in the various types of the Cockpit interlock without interruption. IT investments already made are protected by the efficient use of database-internal functionalities and minimized data transfer. The open platform can be used in most environments and combined with existing solutions. In this way Cubeware Advance eliminates the discrepancy between data acquisition, merging, analysis and the respective actions to be taken.

    • Verschiedenste Datentypen anbinden. Von Flatfiles bis zu Hadoop
    • Datamining und Mustererkennung
    • Automated data preparation, correction determination and modeling
    • Automated comparison of different modelling concepts
    • Adaptive response model
    • Visualization of the data stream
    • Automated preparation of prediction models
    • Flexible implementation also in existing applications and infrastructures
    • Interation in Cubeware Cockpit
    • Parameterization and execution of the analysis models directly in the different frontend types
    • All decision-makers can be provided with predictive analyses according to their tasks and needs

    fields of application

    Where Advanced Analytics applications have already been proven themselves.

    Design your applications according to your individual requirements and capabilities. The areas of application are virtually countless.

    In some areas, applications have already proven that predictive analysis and planning approaches help companies to be more successful.

    Customer analytics
    • Customer acquisition
    • Cross- & Upselling
    • Customer loyalty
    Operational analytics
    • Production
    • Maintenance
    • Warranty
    • Forecasting
    Risk analytics
    • Fraud detection
    • Damage examination
    • False settlements

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    STAR COOPERATION GmbH - OEM Automotive

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