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Accelerate Information Assimilation

Improve your analyses, dashboards and reports by using a consistent, easy-to-understand and tried and tested method of information design because not all charts are the same. Stop doing a disservice to yourself and your company. Use the Cubeware Solutions Platform to establish standardised information design following the ONE PAGE ONLY (OPO) principle taking account of the International Business Communication Standards (IBCS®).

On Video: Development of OPO Reporting from Conceptual Planning to Technical Implementation

  • What the ONE PAGE ONLY principle is all about.
  • What is so special about the International Business Communications Standard (IBCS®).
  • What the concept of controlling strategy involves.
  • How you can plan, technically implement and successfully integrate ONE PAGE ONLY reporting into your corporate culture.

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  • Eradicate possible sources of error in data visualisation from the outset.
  • Enable your employees to interpret data & information correctly – regardless of their previous experience.
  • Speed up your decision-making processes with meaningful visualisations – for individual user departments & business units or the entire company.
  • Eliminate unnecessary “reporting fog” that distracts from the key message.

Samples of IBCS®-compliant Reports and OPO Dashboards

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Information Video onto IBCS

from IBCS Institute - HICHERT+FAISST GmbH

IBCS - Fostering comprehension of reports, presentations, and dashboards 

In Good Company – Management Reporting following the ONE PAGE ONLY Principle at Gabor Shoes AG

Our customer Gabor Shoes AG collaborated with the IBCS®-certified consultants of our Certified Partner consultnetwork to condense its management reporting into four main ONE PAGE ONLY reports. The design of the new reports is based on the International Business Communications Standards (IBCS®) and the Hichert SUCCESS rules. This has given its management a powerful and constantly available instrument of control for the areas of business, marketing, production and HR.

“Our board and our management can call up the clear and comprehensible reports at any time, at any place and with any device.”
Michael Hagl
Gabor Shoes AG

Would you like to implement ONE PAGE ONLY reporting? – This is how we proceed!

We work together with the IBCS®-certified consultants of our Certified Partner consultnetwork to implement your reporting in accordance with the International Business Communications Standards (IBCS®) and acclaimed Hichert SUCCESS formula in just five steps using the Cubeware Solutions Platform – naturally taking your experience of company and group management into consideration. Secure your information headstart with well considered information design.

1. Discussion of your requirements

We discuss your concrete requirements in an initial online conversation with an IBCS®-certified consultant. You let us have five of your most important reports with their current layout and design as the basis for your future information design.

2. Creation of sample reports

We analyse the five reports and create ONE PAGE ONLY sample reports from them for you using the Cubeware Solutions Platform following the IBCS® rules and the controlling strategy concept.

3. Training & workshop for your employees

The morning session consists of training in the IBCS® rules. In the afternoon, we discuss the sample reports with you as part of our field-proven reporting workshop on the subject of information design.

4. Implementation of your information design & coaching

As part of our special implementation coaching approach, we train up your report designers to create IBCS®-compliant reports on their own using the Cubeware Solutions Platform.

5. Handover of the final notation concept

At the end of the coaching process we give you a written copy of the notation concept that was developed. This ensures effective knowledge transfer and practised information design in your company.

Consultnetwork – the Information Design Experts in the Cubeware Ecosystem

Our partner consultnetwork has been developing reports and dashboards following the ONE PAGE ONLY principle for many years. A ONE PAGE ONLY (OPO) report brings together complex business relationships on a single page and provides decision-makers with a holistic information base. It takes into account the specifications of the Business Communications Standards (IBCS®) based on the Hichert SUCCESS rules and combines them with the controlling strategy concept developed by consultnetwork. The controlling strategy concept involves a feedback loop for controllers that, based on defining target values and planning measures, supports a continuous comparison of budget vs. actual data and an appropriate response in the event of deviations. Since business management is a multidimensional task that, according to the controlling pyramid, comprises the fields of liquidity management, results management and strategic management, all three layers must be taken into consideration in equal measure in the reporting process.

IBCS ® Certified Consultants

Thomas Terbuch completed IBCS® certification in the design of reports and presentations at the HICHERT+FAISST IBCS® Institute in April 2012.

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