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The CRM system, ERP system, CSV files data from external service providers, countless spreadsheets ...
IT data for your company are located across a large number of different systems and data sources. A main part of the work in your department is spent on maintaining, consolidating and supporting employees in your IT infrastructure. Initiatives, concepts and work on new digital business models disappear in the flood of daily operations.

Data Analysis for Greater Adaptability

Using an IT solution from Cubeware, you can assist your expertise with a central BI system that minimises your maintenance and support effort thanks to automated processes, central administration capabilities, an open architecture and ease of use. Our business intelligence and performance management software creates space for digital transformation in your company. Exploit the possibilities of your data and systems to the full. We help you to bring together your IT indicators quickly and easily, to evaluate them across the different systems and to minimise your support effort for business users. Full control over your IT infrastructure, initiatives and projects. Maintain an overview of your IT performance and provide your business users with exactly those BI tools that they need to create their own analyses, meaningful dashboards, reports and operational plans simply and independently, freeing up resources to actively shape digital transformation.

Make information access democratic

Save valuable IT resources by making data analysis and BI functionality available to all the user groups within your company – from information recipients to BI analysts and power users. Centrally managed, reliable and secure thanks to powerful role and user group concepts. Provide your specialist departments with the BI tools that they really need – from on-premise full client or on the web to mobile BI apps and even BI chatbots for Skype® for Business etc. Thanks to a unique licensing model: attractively priced, easy on the budget and seamlessly scalable, allowing users in all departments to visualise data and gain new insights for themselves.

Make your IT infrastructure more efficient

Turn your IT infrastructure into the central success factor for your business. Integrate different systems, platforms and data sources into a central, standardised information system, giving you all the important data on IT performance at all times. Identify and simulate the technological requirements of your company – current and future. Manage IT inventory effectively. Keep an eye on inventory, distribution and the relevant owners. Align your technology expenditure with the needs of the company. Efficiently manage the costs of the IT asset life cycle.

Benefit from powerful monitoring possibilities

Monitor and track your development environments. Analyse processes and workflows such as your issue tracking system (ITS) in detail in order to identify weaknesses, using them to develop the right steps to take.

Strengthen data governance

Improve your data governance and the security of your IT systems, and keep tabs on scalability at all times. Identify which systems and applications see heavy or little use. Identify emerging technology requirements at an early stage in order to provide targeted support to strategic initiatives. Safeguard data quality and improve system efficiency.

Optimise your IT helpdesk management

Improve tracking, analysis and management of your IT ticketing system. Prioritise requests. Optimise your team's performance through detailed insights into response times, process duration and escalation levels.

Your Benefits from a BI Solution from Cubeware

Business intelligence and performance management are more than just attractive reports. Work with us to transform your IT department from an operational unit into a digital strategy consultancy.

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  • Efficient monitoring of all service levels
  • Effective management of IT investments
  • Simple handling of IT scorecards
  • Definition of effective IT indicators
  • IT team performance made measurable

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