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Business Intelligence & Performance Management Solution

Agriculture and Forestry


Agricultural and forestry companies operate in demanding markets. Besides digitalisation and increasing expectations from consumers, escalating intervention on the part of food retailers in production is also causing disruption. Agricultural and forestry businesses need now more than ever an intelligent view of their business data in order to identify new business opportunities, optimise processes, maximise margins, offer outstanding customer service and create space for genuine innovation.


A software solution from Cubeware will allow you to maintain an overview of your entire value chain. Our business intelligence and performance management software creates space for a view of what's important: see your customers and new markets behind your data. Give your teams all the important information they need. Help them to make well-informed decisions. Reduce complexity in daily work. Show your employees opportunities and how they can exploit them efficiently as well as where risks may lie. We ensure that you always have an overview of all the relevant processes in your agricultural and forestry business – all the way down to the individual plant or tree. This frees up space for innovative concepts in the agricultural and forestry sector.

Allow your data to bear fruit

Digital farming makes it possible for you to collect data and information that is specific to your business – from the entire property to an individual plot of land or wood. Let this development bear fruit in economic terms. Arrange you entire value chain more efficiently based on well-informed decisions.

Safeguard your investments

From investment in stable buildings, tractors or machine saws to the deployment seasonal operating resources: track monetary flows in detail and determine your future requirements for bought-in products and external finance at an early stage. Take decisions about partnerships with other farmers or foresters on a well-informed basis.

Optimise your trading relationships

Use your data to develop benchmarks for cooperation with suppliers, logistics providers and buyers. Work with your ear close to the market – assess early on what increased production activities by food retailers or the innovative use of wood as a construction material can mean for you.

Get to know your consumers better

Turn discussions in social media networks on topics relating to regional produce, animal welfare and super foods to your advantage. Detect trends in consumer behaviour in good time. Make full use of the fact that you can seamlessly prove the history of your products – from the seed to the supermarket shelf.

Improve your environmental performance

The network of environmental standards is growing continuously denser and the demands placed on risk management are increasing. Make use of optimised and tried and tested processes to deliver more in this area than just playing it safe. You will also be doing something for the health of your employees and consumers and for climate and environmental protection.

Your benefits from a BI solution from Cubeware

Business intelligence and performance management are more than just attractive reports. With us you will increase your customer focus and your business success in agriculture and forestry.

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  • Increase profitability
  • Minimise risk
  • Benefit from cooperation
  • Discover new markets
  • Acquire & retain customers

OUR SOLUTION EXPERTS FOR AGRICULTURE AND FORESTRY Strong partners for your success in the agricultural and forestry sector

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