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Business Intelligence & Performance Management Solution

Public Administration

Deliver Services More Efficiently

Municipal and state administrative bodies provide the public with a wide range of services – with the network becoming ever more close-knit while budgets shrink. Educational institutions are assuming huge importance in our knowledge-based economy. Administrative bodies need now more than ever an intelligent view of their collected data in order to decide how to deliver services efficiently, to prevent waste and fraud and to address the future needs of citizens and residents.


A software solution from Cubeware for the public sector will allow you to maintain an overview of all your public administrative tasks at all times. Our Business intelligence and performance management software creates space for a view of what's important: see your citizens and public life behind your data. Give your teams all the important information they need. Help them to make well-informed decisions. Reduce complexity in daily work. Show your employees opportunities and how they can exploit them efficiently as well as where risks may lie. We ensure that you always have an overview of all the relevant processes in public administration – from individual fields of policy to the individual localities. This frees up space for innovative concepts in the public sector.

Make your data useful

Analyse your data comprehensively – and gain insights that the public need to improve their private and public lives. Make these findings available for use by a public agency or in a citizens’ portal following the principle of open government. With the integrated cartographic function, you can link data with physical locations in order to administer public spaces, services and safety.

Make better decisions

Use merged data to make better decisions. Improve performance with minimum time and at minimum cost. Deliver visible results fast. Ensure that the positive outcomes today carry over into the future by taking a detailed look at demographic developments, adjusting public services and calculating resource requirements in good time. This will also assure the right level of services for tomorrow’s infrastructure, healthcare, housing construction and education. Determine how changes to tax rates, building regulations and other rules will affect local business growth, tax revenues and construction activity.

Optimise your budgetary and financial planning

Use powerful analyses to track expenditure and assess the benefit more effectively. Assist your employees in monitoring and managing the public budget to achieve optimum outcomes. See at a glance, how well government programmes achieve the intended objectives.

Improve your public focus

Stay close to citizens and evaluate public sentiment in real time. Merge data from social media with analytical data models. Understand the concerns of the public and act in accordance with current public opinion.

Improve educational opportunities

Whether primary, tertiary or non-academic adult education: use high-quality and complete data to gain the necessary insights to improve transparency, reduce costs and accomplish your mission. Measure effectiveness to close gaps in your successes and improve performance. Know now what you need to plan and build for the education of tomorrow.

Your benefits from a BI solution from Cubeware

Business intelligence and performance management are more than just attractive reports. Work with us to improve efficiency in public administration!

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  • Improve performance
  • Increase transparency
  • Monitor budgets
  • Prevent corruption
  • Impress the public

Frankfurt Städelschule uses BI software from Cubeware

Frankfurt Städelschule is an internationally renowned academy of fine arts. A modern reporting system, implemented by Cubeware Premium Partner IDL GmbH Mitte, ensures that the academy has a precise view of budget developments at all times.

  • Reports for budget managers at the press of a button
  • Flexible audit reports for the City of Frankfurt
  • Transparency all the way down to the individual document
  • Third-party funding accounting for each individual project
“Cubeware permitted us to implement our vision of transparent reporting, which is crystal clear for our budget managers down to the individual document.”
Martin Limbach
Head of Finance, Controlling and IT, Städelschule

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Bertelsmann Stiftung
Bertelsmann Stiftung
Kreis Mettmann
Kreis Mettmann
Staatliche Kunsthochschule Städelschule
Staatliche Kunsthochschule Städelschule

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